I recently graduated and plan on attending CSCC for Health Sciences. I enjoy my 3 beagles Lucy, Sweetie, and Killian. I am amazed  with their incredible minds and interesting behaviors

Max was the reason that Growlers was started. Although he does not care to make bones, others have benefited greatly! Thank you

Max and Amy.

Rachael is so in charge! She enjoys selling by asking everyone who passes if they have a dog. If you do she sells her bags to you first! 

Selina loves listening to music while making bones! She won't do the dog bone challenge yet but the years not over. 

Joel would rather be hanging out at the zoo but for now he is the fastest bone maker in Columbus. Meet Flame his

4 Paws for Ability sidekick.

Tommy is our busy bee.  You will find him selling in his home town. Given the chance to be social he takes every opportunity he gets.

Lynn enjoys taking bones home to her guinea pig. She is also very crafty making Jackson his very own Guinea pig outfits. 

Ryan works at Kroger but still supports Growlers. His hope is to own Growlers one day. Until then he is a fan to Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

​Amena aka Mariette is a cleaning machine. She can smile like no one else,it is infectious. She enjoys helping with her nephews.

This is Ahmed's third year with bone making.He is an expert bone maker, Lego master, and Hot Wheel advocate.

​​​​Growlers Dog Bones has partnered with Columbus City Schools creating opportunities for vocational training. Each baker is exposed to  mixing, handcrafting, baking, weighing,  bagging labeling, delivering and selling. Paid summer employment thru OOD is a another great experience. The bakers earn a paycheck while they learn real work demands. By purchasing Growlers dog Bones you have enabled us to continue and strive to reach Growlers mission statement.

Changing individual lives

one bone at a time.